Surprise #1

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For my 26th birthday, I bought myself a condo.

Yeah that’s right, let it sink in.

I knew this place was going to be mine the moment I turned around and saw the church looming out the bedroom window. I have had only two other moments of such clarity in my life so far. These are moments in which one realizes an absolute truth. A statement surfaces in one’s head as involuntarily and as clearly as if one bursted out saying it. This time, it was “This is the view I’m going to wake up to”. I guess this is what people mean when they say, “You just know“. Five realtors, six mortgage brokers (and counting) and one lawyer later, I got exactly what I wanted and in the way I wanted it.

Obviously there are lots of dish but I’ve got to go autograph a whole bunch of papers and spend wads of money so I will get back to you later. To keep you entertained (*cough: jealous), here are select photos of my new place. Note that the decor seen is not mine, it’s from when the property was staged for sale. Obviously, mine will be so much better. Glam shots coming up.

For those not familiar with Ottawa, the church you see is Notre Dame Basilica and the glass building to the left of it is the National Gallery of Canada. In Paris I had the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, in Ottawa I have Notre Dame d’Ottawa (you see, I want to ensure you are properly informed to be as jealous as you ought to be).

P.S. I used a pink pen.



  1. Lily · February 12, 2014

    Look at your happy face!

  2. Etienne · June 4, 2013

    That is a really nice location, good job for finding something in that neighbourhood!

    • Rong Rose Liu · June 4, 2013

      Thanks Etienne, it was a lot of work but well-worth it!

  3. Bea · June 1, 2013

    As excited for you today as I was yesterday. Birthday?

    • Rong Rose Liu · June 1, 2013

      Thanks Bea! I was so excited I barely slept last night!

  4. Ian Matheson · May 31, 2013

    Congratulations Rose! It looks beautiful. I am very happy for you!

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